OPERATION CO2 - "Operation CO2": Integrated agroforestry practices and nature conservation against climate change

Plant Health Cure takes part in one of the EC subsidised projects on CO2 reduction. The overall objective of the 'OPERATION CO2' project is to demonstrate the economic viability and environmental validity of agroforestry carbon sequestering projects in Europe.

The second pillar of the project will involve the transformation of two naturally degraded areas – each covering 25 ha - into integral agroforest ecosystems. It aims to successfully plant a large variety of species on a range of soil types in degraded, non-irrigated agricultural lands that face the negative effects of climate change in the form of ever increasing dryness. It foresees the planting of four components of integral systems: timber; biomass; cash crops; and fruit trees and shrubs.

For this second part of the project the following Plant Health Cure products are being used: Biovin, Colonize AG, Compete Plus, VA PWI, FrosTect, Natural Green, Myconate, Pt Spore Spray.

More information regarding this project can be found on the website of Operation CO2 , and the website of the EU .



Representatives from the “Crops for Better Soils” (LIFE11 ENV/ES/471) and “Operation CO2” projects directed a technical seminar with around 100 attendees during the annual Biocultura fair in Madrid (november 2014). Our director Pius Floris was one of the speakers. More information of the projects and the presentations via this link.